The objective of the Lou Athanas Youth Basketball League shall be to provide an opportunity for the youth of the City of Laconia to learn and enjoy the sport of basketball. The members will be responsible for stressing the ideas of good sportmanship, ho
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Free Basketball Sneakers!
by posted 01/13/2017

Have a pair of basketball sneakers that you’ve outgrown before they’re worn out?  Don’t think your player can squeeze into those kicks any longer?  Just really need something to play in?

Starting this weekend, look for the TREYS Only displays at LAYBL games.  TREYS Only allows basketball players to Trade, Reuse or Exchange Youth Sneakers among fellow basketball players.

So, drop off* that pair you don’t need anymore or grab a pair that you do or both.  (Youth sizes 3 and smaller are at WHS; sizes 3.5 to 5.5 located at the CC; and sizes 6 and larger found at LMS.)

Any questions or comments, please contact Joe Dee (455-3539) or Nabby Mousseau (528-7609).


*Basketball sneakers should be in good condition (no holes) and tied together by the laces.  Thank you!

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